A Big, Furry Hat


Happy Tuesday, Realists! Hoping you all had a lovely weekend! If you’re dealing with the same weather that I am, then I can somewhat assume that your weekend was mostly spent indoors. *sigh* the joys of bitter, cold!

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post here, I’ve given up on my high school days of trying to look as “cool” as I can during winter, and now pretty much own every type of accessory you can have to help ensure that you’re staying as warm as possible. This featured hat being one of them. Although, I must admit, I actually forgot that I even had this hat in my closet…I know, shame. After rummaging through my scarves, I happened upon it and thought “Well, this could’ve came in handy earlier!” So, voila! My big, furry hat! As old as it may be, I still enjoy the look (and warmth) of it.

Are you a fan of a great, Russian hat like so? Or any hats at all? Do tell! Stay classy, Realists!


SONY DSCAs much as I’m trying to hide how cold am I (and I must say, a much better job than previous attempts), I think the clenching of my fists gives it away ;)

SONY DSCHat: H&M, Sweater: Jacob, Shirt: Zara, Jeans: Topshop, Boots: Aldo



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Wishing for some warmth…

Morning, afternoon, and evening, dear Realists!! I’ve been having technical difficulties these past couple of days with my photos for new posts. I recently bought a back-drop thinking it would help with pictures for the winter, but since I’m no professional photographer, pictures are not coming out the way I would like them to. I did take some outside (yes, in the -25 degree weather), but I need to work on my poker face ;) This weekend will be filled with me withstanding the cold and not letting it show in my face! Of course, I can’t hide how red my nose and cheeks will get from those brisk winds ;)

For now, since I’m quite over this negative degree weather, I put together an outfit I’m looking forward to wearing [hopefully] in the next few months on those dry, spring days. For all you Realists bearing this cold with me, what type of outfit are you looking forward to most? Comment below! As I’ve said before, I love to read what you’re thoughts are. Have a fantastic weekend, and stay classy!

Spring Fever

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A New Year!



Well, Realists, seeing as how I’ve been off the blogging scene for far too long now, let me start by wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hoping you all had some lovely (and much needed) time off from the hectic daily lives and got to enjoy some wonderful moments with everyone close to you. I spent my holidays in Toronto with my family and the hubby’s side of the family doing things we love to do; eat, board games, and sleep! *sigh* Back to the real world! ;)

Now, Realists, you must forgive me for I have neglected you all for far too long! I can give you excuses, but rather than do that, I will just tell you that I’m here now and working on updating the site a little. Going to say it as if I were a L.A. housewife; A new year, a new face-lift! ;)

January is clearly still winter over here in good ol’ Montreal, Canada. We did just recently have a week of some beautiful winter weather, but the week is done and “real” winter is back. What is “real” winter you ask? -30 degrees with the wind! Yikes!

Since I’ve started working, winter outfits don’t have to be so “winter-y”, but when it comes to the weekend, my winter uniform is a must; skinny jeans and a loose, warm top. I remember back in high school where I thought it was “cool” to walk around with jackets wide opened, if I was even wearing a jacket, while trekking through snow in what I thought were “boots”. Now that I’m older, and I’d like to think much wiser, I will wear the most winter-y looking outfit if it means that I’ll be as warm as can be. Clearly, taking off my coat for pictures cannot be the warmest, but ’tis the life of a blogger trying to withstand the cold ;)

Realists, how were your holidays? Lots of time spent with loved ones? All of you from the colder areas of the world, are you over it as much as I am? And the Realists basking in the warm sun…I have nothing but envy ;) Stay classy!







Coat: Canada Goose, Scarf: Club Monaco, Top: Topshop, Jenas: Guess, Boots: Sorel, Sunglasses: ZeroUV



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Bundle Up!

Realists, the time has come. Snow has made it’s way down to our Montreal grounds for the first time this year. Out come the winter coats, boots and accessories for the next few months. Also, unfortunately, outdoor pictures will be on pause until it is bearable enough for me to stand outside and not have to risk catching anything I don’t want to catch.

With the amount of amazingly designed winter coats out on the market, it’s easy to stay warm and still continue to be stylish at the same time. Although, I will add, that depending on your city, sometimes cold will outweigh your wanting to stay on trend and you’ll do whatever it takes to keep you warm, as I do sometimes feel over here in good ol’ Montreal.

Realists around the world, has your winter made an appearance yet? Do you find it hard to stay warm and stylish? Just below I’ve posted up several coats that fall into those 2 categories. Bundle up, and stay classy!

Winter Coats


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Pretty Dresses


It doesn’t fail when it comes to one question I get asked constantly on a daily from my 2 girlies…”Mommy, can I wear a dress?” A dress, a dress, a pretty dress, a fancy dress, any kind of dress, they want it. During the summer, it’s clearly much easier to always be putting them in one, but now once the colder weather has hit, so do the big sweaters and warmers pants. But since no snow has made it’s way to our grounds yet, why not put these lil cuties in some fall dresses along with fall tights? Even children’s wear transitions from summer to fall ;)

Let’s all jump for joy as it’s Friday and the weekend is here! Have a great one, and stay classy!


SONY DSCHehe, funny smiles :)


SONY DSCYounger Cutie: Cardigan: Children’s Place, Dress: Joe Fresh, Tights: Gift, Shoes: Payless

Older Cutie: Dress: Gap Kids, Tights: H&M


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